Artsy fartsy

Hello! Dr.Awesome10 here. this here's the place where I'll upload drawings of mine for your enjoyment and pleasure. most of them are just stupid little doodles I made when I was bored, but those usually turn out really awesome, so that'll work! captions are at the bottoms, Titles are on top.


                                         Currently Untitled


 I am unsure how to describe this one. basically it's a typical day in the life of an ugly young boy who goes outside during storms. it's not deep, it doesen't signify anything, so don't rack your brains trying to figure out what it means.





                                                     Wilderness scene


 Here we see a turtle, and his friend/pet who is a worm standing underneath a very happy sun with a tree in the background. relaxing, isn't it?






                                               Happy Manatee


 Why is this manatee so happy? maybe it's his birthday. maybe he just caught a fish to eat. maybe he's just in a good mood. no matter what the reason, all we know is that he is really happy.





                          Beefy Home photo


 here we see our beloved mascot, beefy (a bit less polished than he usually is, might I add,) standing in front of his lovely house on his home planet, Planet Beef. dang, he needs to file his horns.






 A typical day in the life of a man suffering from terrible insomnia. he also apperently lives in the middle of a dessert. hey, who's that on that poster?







                      More is on the way!